MV-1 Wheelchair Accessible Van Business & Personal Uses

At MV-1 of Massachusetts, we sell and service MV-1 Wheelchair Accessible Vans (WAVs) that can satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele. From business uses to personal transportation, the MV-1 is truly the right vehicle for those who need a wheelchair van or multi-purpose vehicle. That's why we wanted to bring attention to the other ways an MV-1 can change your daily life or business. To discover the many features an MV-1 model has built into it, contact our MV-1 dealership in Burlington, MA to schedule your personalized appointment.

Taxi Services

Taxi Services

One of the most popular non-personal uses for an MV-1 is for taxi purposes. Not only can an MV-1 satisfy a wide variety of clients such as ambulatory and non-ambulatory, they also provide the comfort and accessibility amenities that make wheelchair accessible vans a valuable investment if you're driving for a ride share company. Features like a Power Ramp with both short and long deployments, an Anti-Slip Interior Floor Surface and Large Rear Side Entry Doors make the MV-1 the preferable choice over other wheelchair accessible vans. Check out our MV-1 inventory to see if this is the right vehicle for you.

Business Purposes

Additional Business Purposes

If you own a company that caters to clients who need wheelchair accessible transportation, an MV-1 may be the perfect vehicle for you. The spacious MV-1 interior can accommodate multiple passengers, plus it also comes with comfort features that all passengers are sure to love. What separates us from other MV-1 dealers in the country is that no matter what purpose one of our WAVs can serve you, we're here to make sure you're satisfied throughout the MV-1 ownership experience. Whether your van requires an oil change or you just have a question about a specific function in your MV-1 vehicle, you can rely on us.

Do you live in New England or beyond and require an MV-1 WAV? Contact MV-1 of Massachusetts, as we help clients across the country get the MV-1 vehicle they need. We're always updating our inventory with wheelchair accessible vans, so make sure to check back if you don't see a vehicle that matches your lifestyle. And please don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll work hard to find you an MV-1 WAV that's right for you.