MV-1, The Mobility Answer

When purchasing a vehicle everyone wants something that meets their needs. Imagine if every
time you purchased a vehicle you had to spend extra to get what you needed? If you require
the use of a mobility device this is a reality for you. Many times every year consumers spend
thousands of dollars in addition to the cost of their vehicle, not designed for this transformation,
to make them more accessible for devices such as manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs,
and scooters. So, you may ask, why doesn't someone build a vehicle designed for that
purpose? They do! Allow me to introduce the MV-1.

The MV-1 is different. When the MV-1 is parked the extra-wide access ramp deploys from
within the floor conveniently providing easy entry and exit. The inside is spacious and relaxing.
A bench seat passes across the rear of the vehicle. The front passenger area allows someone
that uses an accessibility device to sit in the front passenger seat location with dignity and
respect. The rear cargo area is easily accessible and very spacious. The Securement and
Restraint Package provides stability and protection for the passenger using a wheelchair.

The MV-1 is the only purpose-built vehicle universally designed from the ground up to
accommodate wheelchair accessibility. It meets or exceeds the guidelines of the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA) from the moment it rolls off the assembly line. Often, for less than
the cost of a new minivan and its associated conversion, under $50,000, you can have a vehicle
that is made to be more accessible.

The more I was introduced to it, the more I felt this vehicle had the answer. It is designed to
carry a payload of 1,500 pounds, unlike conversions that simply add extra weight which can
impact gas mileage and payload capacity. The MV-1 comes standard with a 3-year/36,000 mile
factory warranty including 24/7 Roadside Assistance while with a conversion van, you may need
separate warranties for the original vehicle and conversion items (i.e. ramp/lift). When you're
ready to trade in your MV-1 you don't need to worry about another conversion either. You
simply take delivery of your next MV-1, ready to receive you. Made in the USA, the MV-1 meets
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and passed crash testing requirements by
NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Finally, if someone has mobility concerns, the
answer is right here.

The MV-1 is very exciting. As often said by people learning about the MV-1, it is well hidden in
the marketplace. It's no longer the "best kept secret". Freedom is exciting! Whether used for a
personal vehicle, limo, or for a specialized transport service, the MV-1 is up for the task. I would
suggest considering the MV-1. And, if you don't need the convenience the MV-1 offers,
consider your friends that may not even know the option exists. Pass on the gift of freedom and
convenience to someone you know. They'll thank you for it.