MV-1 Vehicle Applications in Burlington, MA near Boston

Personal Use

Personal Use The MV-1 is the ideal Mobility Vehicle! This revolutionary new vehicle will take you around town or across the USA with ease and comfort. There is no other vehicle like it. The MV-1 is purpose-built from the ground up for accessibility for those in wheelchairs (and scooters). It is the first of its kind to be engineered to meet or exceed the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) vehicle guidelines direct from the manufacturer. The ramp conveniently deploys from beneath the floor -- Easy Entry and Easy Exit. Other features such as an extra-wide side door and spacious interior will have you easily choose this vehicle for accessibility. The open area next to the driver will allow wheelchair passengers to sit up front and enjoy the view. Find out today how the MV-1 can take you there in style!


Green Option

Green OptionA reliable, greener solution?the MV-1: the only vehicle in its class with an available OEM engineered and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fueling system option. A factory-installed CNG option offers your fleet the same durability, reliability, and quality that you would expect and demand from a gasoline-powered vehicle. The MV-1's CNG option offers an estimated 290-mile range. Factory-installed CNG Type-3 CNG tanks are integrated seamlessly into the vehicle design. And, thanks to brilliant engineering, your fleet will not forgo cargo space (29.1 cubic feet) and interior comfort.


Commercial Fleet

Commercial FleetA robust Body-on-Frame vehicle architecture and a front Short/Long Arm (SLA) provide the dependability that your Commercial Fleet deserves. The MV-1 is as durable as it is accessible. We think it will prove to be the perfect solution for your Commercial Fleet.



ParatransitHelp your customers find a mobility solution that works for you and offers them the dignity they crave. Traditional "retrofitted" vans and/or buses cannot make the durability of the MV-1. This new mobility solution is not an aftermarket "conversion" ? A solution direct from the factory assembly line, the MV-1 provides you and your customers with dedicated mobility. Isn't it worth finding out how you can save your business from spending money on the costly repairs typically associated with a retrofitted vehicle? Find out today about the one and only factory-direct mobility option, the MV-1.



LiveryIn our opinion, the best vehicle for all your livery needs. Whether or not your passengers or clients require a mobility solution, make them all feel like a VIP. The MV-1 is built around the principles of universal design which optimizes unparalleled accessibility for all passengers, without compromise. A vehicle that is not just spacious, it's comfortable! With its uniquely engineered suspension, your passengers will experience the superior ride they have come to expect from a livery vehicle.



TaxiFinding a taxi, especially if you have any mobility issue is a challenge. It becomes even more challenging if you are in a wheelchair or scooter as a taxi that meets your needs can be very difficult. Let it serve as your perfect taxi vehicle... the MV-1 provides accommodations for five passengers and with 36.4 cubic feet of cargo volume, it will handle the luggage too. Designed direct from the factory with a rugged body-on-frame design, this durable, purpose-built vehicle is ready to take on the road.